Arsenic Contaminated Water

Naturally occurring arsenic contaminated drinking water is a significant global problem. Left untreated, arsenic in drinking water presents a major public health issue threatening the lives of over 140 million people worldwide. The worst affected areas include Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, West Bengal (India), Bangladesh and Vietnam (World Bank, 2005).

Given that the average contamination of arsenic contaminated drinking water extracted from contaminated tube wells in the likes of Bangladesh is < 100 µg l-1 then only 1 kg of the C-Cure product has the adsorptive potential to treat >160,000 litres of water to levels below the WHO arsenic guideline of 10 µg l-1. In principle this could mean that 250g of C-Cure product would be sufficient to treat all the water that one family consumes in a year.

One medium sized production facility could treat contaminated water for as many as 18 million people.

The C-Cure product is simple to produce at scale and could be set up in-country using local labour.

C-Cure is looking for aid agencies or social impact investment entrepreneurs to work together to bring this potentially global solution to market. Please contact us to find out more.