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Mining Sites

Mine sites, whether legacy or operational, provide an ideal opportunity to combine C-Cure’s unique blend of contaminated land and ecology expertise to allow natural habitats and ecosystems to be restored on otherwise barren soils and spoils. Our products provide exceptional metal and metalloid sequestration capacity that has proven ideal for the recovery of mine spoils. Using a combination of products and organic amendments we restore soil fertility, thus allowing re-vegetation of the otherwise barren site. The vegetation developed prevents further erosion of the site by wind and water. Our aim is to prevent further contamination from these sites, while maintaining their ecological and heritage value.

Application of our solution delivers:

Once vegetation is restored a positive feedback loop is created where the plants provide continuous organic matter inputs into the soil that will immobilise heavy metals, while plant roots stabilize the soil preventing it being washed or blown away. We therefore provide a truly sustainable solution to restore metal impacted mine sites.